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We've Got A Lot Coming Up and A Lot Going On

"The busier you are, the younger you feel" [author unknown]

Sunday School at 9 AM

Morning worship at 10 AM,

Evening worship at 6 PM

Wednesday night Bible Study & Prayer - 6 PM

TUGG(Teens Under GODs Guidance) 2nd and 4th Friday of the Month 

Soul Winning Tuesday 5 PM

Soul Winning  Saturdays 9 AM

Tuesday and Friday

Food Bank 11:30 AM


9th Western Sunday 14th TUGG(Teens Under Gods Guidance)
15th Men's Fellowship 15th Woman's Fellowship

16th Easter

7 AM Sunrise Service at Heritage

8 AM Breakfast at Church


9 AM Sunday School

10 AM Easter Service

23rd 1st Quarter Business Meeting 28th TUGG(Teens Under Gods Guidance)
30th Noisy Bucket